Friday, December 22, 2006

10 Tips For Buying Affiliate Marketing Books

Affiliate education is an extremely lucrative business that keeps growing on a daily basis. There is not a day that goes by, that some new expert promises to show you how to make you rich promoting affiliate programs. These experts promise to tell you the secrets to making millions promoting affiliate programs. They make it seem as if they hold the key to your future and that key is their new affiliate marketing book.

The truth is there are no secrets to making money with affiliate marketing. This is a business that anyone can start and make money fairly easy. So, if anyone can start and make money easily and there are no secrets, is affiliate education needed? There is a definite need for affiliate education, because there is a difference in making money and turning a profit and that is the key that most people miss. Anyone can make money online, but you need to turn a profit to stay in business and have the ability to make affiliate marketing a full time job. This is where a good affiliate marketing book will come in handy.

If affiliate education is import and there are no secrets, how do I know which of the affiliate marketing books to purchase? That is the million dollar question!! While there is no definitive answer, below are some tips that you can use to help make your purchasing decision easier.

1. Avoid the hype. Look past the long sales pages and ask your self if this is too good to be true. Most of the time they are.

2. Look at several reviews. Are they biased? Truth is 99% of the time yes. Most webmasters give biased reviews so that you will buy the product. The majority of the reviews are done by people who have not even read the book themselves.

3. Beware of the proof photos. You know the ones I am talking about, the Click Bank (or other) sales stats for a month. Anyone with a simple knowledge of Photo Shop can "doctor" these images.

4. Look past the "testimonials" 99% of the time they are from friends, business associates or just out right made up.

5. Do not buy with out a refund option. If the product does not come with a refund, move on.

6. Keep track of all receipts and back them up. When purchasing products online, I forward all receipts to a hotmail and g-mail account for safe keeping.

7. Use your refund. If you purchase a book and feel that you have been scammed, use the refund option.

8. Avoid the refund all together. Visit my site Affiliate Marketing Books, to get unbiased reviews of some of the most popular affiliate manuals available. You may be surprised at what you read.

9. When you have a copy of a good book, save a copy on a cd-rom, floppy disk or some other optional source. Better yet, print it, put it in a binder and take good notes.

10. Finally, do not purchase a book on affiliate marketing if you are not going to use it. Put that book to work and make money with it.