Monday, December 18, 2006

Getting Traffic - The Importance Of Knowing What's Going On

Knowing what is going on on your site can make the difference between working hard but blindly (and thus get poor results) and working hard and smart (with the attendant results).

There are general rules for getting traffic. However, these rules have to be adapted to your particular niche. You need to know what works for your particular niche. That something works brilliantly on XYZ's site doesn't mean it will provide the same results.

Let's say a site talks about a cure for cancer, it will have a lot of buzz very easily if done right. Just writing a page that reveals the breakthrough will cause a stir everywhere. It won't be a surprise if CNN begs you for an interview.

Now compare it with if your site talks about home furnishing. This is a great topic, too. However, it will take a lot more to create a buzz for the simple reason that furnishing a house is never a life and death matter.

The page on the cure for cancer can get millions of hits from non-search engine sources without spending much time and less than $500. But I can't think of how a site on home furnishing can get into that bracket without spending much time and/or money.

Yes, these are extreme cases but I think they have illustrated the point I am making.

You need many tools to ensure you can build on what works and discard what doesn't. A lot of hosts provide this type of service for additional fees. However, if you search well, you'll find at least one that incorporates all you need to know about your site.

A special host I use even advises you on what to do. All you do is click a button. And if it is very involved, you ask very helpful folks in an inner circle forum. The best part is, I don't get to pay any extra.

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