Monday, December 18, 2006

How Do I Get Massive High Quality Traffic To My Site?

I want to elaborate on some issues I raised in another article. I know you may have a few questions after reading what I wrote. I'll take the time to clarify each step since massive high quality traffic is so crucial to any site's success.

Let's focus on the issue I raised about thinking like Google.

Google has become the most respected entity online for the simple reason that falling out of favor with Google can literally wipe out your entire income. And when I say this, I do not refer to just small newbies’ sites. I also refer to sites by the gurus.

Google has built such a reputation because it showed great interest in the quality of experience it delivers to its users. And as you know, people go wherever they are served best. Because of this and other factors, Google now controls over 40% of search engine traffic.

Google believes that humans are still the best judges of great and relevant content. So it takes the opinion other sites have of your site seriously. This opinion can be seen as votes of confidence for your quality.

This vote is given when another site links to your site. The more related the site that votes you (related to your page keyword), the higher the value of the link (vote) you've received.

Now, that's just the beginning. This vote will mean a lot more if the linking page is also highly regarded by Google. In fact, a page that has a questionable reputation isn't worth anything. However, it is worth a lot of heartache if you reciprocate the link.

Google then draws the conclusion: that since you've exchanged links with a questionable site, you're also questionable. After all, birds of the same feather flock together.

This won't mean anything in favor or against if you don't reciprocate the link. Google does this because you really don't have any control over the links to your site.

Now, if the link from the relevant high quality page is only linking to you without being reciprocated, Google considers this vote more natural and a lot better all other things being equal.

Google wants relevance so the more tightly focused your site is on a theme, the better your performance with Google.

Getting into Google's mindset involves a lot but it can be summarized in two sentences . . .

Deliver content that is so good that people love it so much. Also make sure your content is tightly focused on one major theme per site.

Read through the last statement again. It is true. However, it is only true all other things being equal.

Ensuring all the mathematics of ranking highly with Google will mean you'll have to get a few PhD’s before setting up a site that ranks highly.

Thankfully, some good folks have put together a great resource/tool that takes care of all, yes all, of those issues leaving you free to concentrate on delivering great content that gets you traffic that gradually builds into something massive.