Monday, April 16, 2007

Finding Wholesale Products to Sell

Getting your products at the lowest price is the best way to profit from selling items online or anywhere. The difficulty is in finding true wholesale product suppliers.

It's difficult finding true wholesale product suppliers online. Sometimes it works to contact a company you are interested in and ask for a list of distributors, but be prepared to give them a company name when you do this. They don't want to sell wholesale to individuals. Often a manufacturer's website will have the name of distributors.

If you are searching online, try narrowing down to a specific product to search for. This is more effective than looking for general wholesalers because you will not be overwhelmed with too much information.

Contact another seller, one who will not be in competition with you. Ask him how he found his sources.

EBay lists wholesalers. Some users have success with this way, others say the prices are still too high. If you look on eBay, look for wholesalers with high approval ratings.

It's not always necessary to get the absolute lowest prices. You just need prices low enough so you can make a substantial profit. You can find some very low prices by searching for clearance products in online stores or your own hometown.

Finding true wholesaler product suppliers is very difficult. Your best chance is by registering as a business and contacting the manufacturers you are interested in. Make sure there is room for enough markup to make your business worthwhile. If you find a supplier you are happy with, stick with them and make some money.

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