Thursday, May 3, 2007

Work At Home Ups And Downs

A work at home business opportunity can be wonderful, if you are the type of person that can succeed working at home - if you are self motivated and your own best company. Not all of us are. Before you decide to pursue a work at home business opportunity you should look at the advantages and disadvantages of the work at home situation, and evaluate your fitness for it. Here are some work at home business opportunity issues to consider.

Work at home business opportunity advantages include an improvement in your morale with the reduction in stress, increased motivation with increased autonomy, and greater productivity due to fewer distractions. Beware, however, that the opposite can be true, as workplace distractions are simply replaced by children's interruptions and those of pesky neighbors. You may find you work fewer hours at your work at home business opportunity because you accomplish more each hour. You may, on the other hand, find yourself working more because the office is right there and hard to leave behind.

A work at home business opportunity will save you money on clothing, on gas and other car maintenance expenses, and auto insurance. You'll save money on parking and even on food as you no longer buy your lunch at the corner deli every day. You'll save a lot of time that had previously been spent in the morning and evening commute from work. This is a big plus on the side of the work at home business opportunity.

You might even find that having a work at home business opportunity you can take with you eliminates a major marital issue - that of the trailing spouse. Your work at home business opportunity quite often provides you the flexibility of just picking up and relocating without missing a business beat, or losing any clients. Most work at home business opportunities are seamless for the clients, who expect and accept communication by email and phone rather than face to face. There are drawbacks to a work at home business opportunity, however. You may think you'll love the situation but may find that it's hard to keep yourself at the job and not at the refrigerator or the TV. You might find that you are lonely and crave the periodic conversation with the person in the next cubicle, or the lunch hour with friends.

It's often the case, at least in the first few weeks of an entrepreneur's work at home business opportunity that friends, family and neighbors can't quite get it into their heads that you're not really on vacation. They can't quite come to the realization that even though you are at home you can't take the time to watch their kids when they get home from school, pick up their dry cleaning, or take the time to stop and chat any time they want to drop by in the middle of your work at home work day.

It's crucial anyone starting their work at home business opportunity set firm ground rules for others about interruptions - and stick to them. If you have a work at home business opportunity you are not the neighbor's errand person. Just as those who head to the office for the day, you are working.

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